Knowing others requires wisdom. 

Knowing thyself requires

true enlightenment.

-Tao te Ching Ch. 33

Casey's Programs

The Self-Healing Sisterhood

Join our natural healing collective, find sanctuary in sacred community, and activate your highest potential.

5-day Self-Healing Bootcamp

Dive into ancient medicine and explore the truth behind profound healing.

Energy Torus Activation

Taoist philosophy and Meditation for becoming clear conduits of energy for personal power, creativity, and healing ourselves and others.

Meditation: Invoking Peace & Safety in the Body

A Meditation to invoke feelings of peace and safety in the body.

Summer Superfood Challenge

A simple and fun remote program to clear toxins, regenerate at the cellular level, and feel amazing this summer!

Healthy, Strong, & Nourished

A 6-week program in medicinal eating to correct health imbalance and live your best food life.