You were meant to heal, and to be a source of healing for others.



You're a healing work enthusiast.


You've been on a healing journey for a while, exploring solutions and curiosities in the world of natural medicine.

Are you ready to find your tribe to share your path personal growth?




The Self-Healing Sisterhood

A Women's Natural Healing Collective

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What is The Self-Healing Sisterhood?


This is a place to fill your cup.

The Sisterhood is a platform of live calls, programs, teachings, and resources.


 This is a sacred oasis, accessible from your home, to replenish yourself in natural healing, meaningful connection, and intentional practice. 


What happens in our calls?

Remember your magic.

You are a pillar of light, and when you heal, so too do others.

There are two types of women in The Sisterhood:


1. The Wellness Enthusiast


Your curiosity, willingness, and your health challenges have led you to practice therapies like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

Maybe you receive energy work or acupuncture, use herbal remedies, or have a shelf full of books on natural healing.

You've been on this path for a while, and there seems to be a limit to how much healing you can really do on your own.


2. The Wellness Practitioner

You work in the wellness industry and have a passion for helping others. Maybe you're a nurse, reiki practitioner, or coach who pours so much into other people.

You know how important it is to fill your own cup, but you struggle to prioritize yourself.

You know that being in intentional space of like-minded women will help you show up for yourself consistently and end the cycles of burnout that practitioners easily fall into.

How Women Feel after Sessions in The Sisterhood


"I feel free"


"I feel soft, healing energy flowing through my body"


"Because of The Sisterhood, I finally felt empowered to make a difficult decision in my life"


"My anxiety is gone, and I feel I am exactly where I need to be"


"I'm surprised in how relating to other women has helped me understand more about myself. "

Learn About the Membership

"I founded The Sisterhood right after I relocated from Hawaii to Connecticut. When I moved, I felt disconnected. I no longer had a conscious community to hold me in my passion and integrity.

Although I practiced healing work, I found myself in mis-aligned patterns. Instead of doing things that filled me up, I was watching a lot of TV and distracting myself.

I knew I needed to connect with like-minded women, and I wanted to do that from the comfort of my home.

Today, I hold such gratitude for what The Sisterhood has become.

We've created a conscious community that is truly supportive of one another. I could not have imagined a group that feels more nourishing to be a part of."

-Casey Potetz, Acupuncturist and Founder of the SHS


Casey Helen Potetz MSOM LAc.


Casey is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner specializing in acupuncture, clinical herbalism, and many other modalities in the realm of ancient and modern natural medicine.

She was fortunate to finish graduate school in Honolulu, Hawaii, where she studied under the famous Taoist Master and 64th lineage disciple, Dr. Lillian Chang Y Hsiang, founder of The World Medicine Institute (1970).

After receiving her Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, she went on to help thousands of patients, including our Navy Seal Operators, professional athletes, people with chronic disease, and mystery illnesses of all kinds.

Casey has always been passionate about healing work. When she was twelve years old, she found Chinese Medicine as a way to help her mom heal from symptoms of a fibromyalgia, a painful central nervous disease.

A foundational concept of Chinese Medicine is that the human body is pre-programmed to heal, and when we move ourselves into natural alignment, the innate flow of health and healing will be restored.

"I have a deep passion for teaching principles of profound healing, and I feel it is my responsibility to share the medicine I was blessed with."

What Happens in our Sessions?

We have three incredible calls each month in The Sisterhood, and two ways to participate in these calls:

1. Join the live calls on Zoom

2. Listen to or watch recordings when you're ready to be in the supportive energy of The Sisterhood

Three Calls with Three Different Intentions each Month:

Bonus Features!



Can't make a call? No problem. All workshops, trainings, and healing sessions are recorded. There are currently 40+ sessions in the archive that you can watch and re-watch when you are ready to be lifted up by The Sisterhood.



If you desire even more connection outside of our calls, you can do that in our private group feature.



We love to surprise the sisters with giveaways of our favorite products for healing and wellness.

Bonus sessions and virtual parties happen throughout year, and Sisterhood members get free or discounted access to most of Casey's programs and events.

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